Welcome to the webspace of Andre Zogholy

Andre Zogholy is a scientist, artist, curator and musician. He studied Sociology, holds a doctoral degree in Social sciences and Economics and works at the University of Art and Design in Linz since 2004. He is teaching and researching at various universities at the crossroads of political theories and spatial and sonic arts. Zogholy combines these approaches in his artistic and curatorial works by intervening in processes at the intersections of art, politics, society and science using methods ranging from artistic interventions in public space, series of public lectures and discussions, musical and visual forms of action or published series of writings, to action-based installations. He also produces subsonic-driven electronic music, which can be described as Mille Plateaux gone Punkrock.

Besides his audioprojects he´s a sometimes-dj, an activist at qujOchÖ (www.qujochoe.org) and never afraid of collaborations.

Collabs with: DD Kern / Didi Bruckmayr / Wolfgang Fuchs / Samy Zogholy (Dr.GONZOgholy, zogholy and zogholy. Chillblains. Sister Ray. WCH-Band) / Andreas Kurz (Guy Bored) / Social Impact / Andreas Reichl (Reichl und Partner) / Magnus Hofmüller / Didi Neidhart / Ingo Randolf / Bernd Oppl, Jakob Dietrich, Christian Stefaner-Schmid (ms-20602040201020) …





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