Bass- and drum-junkies of the worst kind have their dream come alive. Harsh, minimalist, brutal tracks to kill your stereo. Slowly but stubbornly modulating noise and kickdrums into big blocks of concrete (and I do mean the floor building stuff that is as hard as hell). Or using real clicks from analogue electric currents to build vast powerful machines. Mille Plateaux gone Punkrock is more like it. At several times he does build a monstrous groove, but you’d still kill any party with that record. I know you’re gonna enjoy it. I tried for a few month now to come to grips with this record, but I couldn’t do it. I was either too busy by my life or too distracted by the music to get to any final conclusion, so, finally, I have decided to take the easy way out: I’m gonna tell you all what this is, and you try to figure it out for yourself, ‘kay? The basics are that Egotrip, quite unsurprisingly, is a soloproject. The mind behind the sounds is Andre Zogholy, who has already released on Staalplat and shared stages with Dat Politics, Techno Animal, David Toop, Pan Sonic, Meldted Men, Console, and others. A mixture that is quie fitting for the music that Egotrip lays down. On “EGO = ego – 1″ you’ll find eleven minimalist tracks consisting of one basic soundpattern that is altered slightly during the course of a few minutes. These soundpatterns appear as if taken from the wrong end of the plugs, like electric current come alive. Definitely analogue origins, kickdrums born from interference. As if Zogholy was searching his machines and pedals for mistakes, for those constellations in which sounds turn into noise and then broadening that small band until it becomes a highway to drive on. At times the rhythms or rather loops form straight beats, then you get something like Jean Bach without the computers (but a similar sense of humour) or even like T.Raumschmiere without the melodies. For melodies are completely missing. Especially within those other pieces, that defy any straight beat, change stuff around to destroy the rhythm and then dissolve in a high-pitched tweeping. Some of it is subtle and drawn-back, but most tracks are brutally in your face, harsh and without any decoration. Like metamphetamine-junkies from the south searching for the lowest, broadest and most destroying bass sound there is. A V8-boombox. During the tracks Zogholy is moving modulations and frequencies up and down the scale, lets the beat run out or intensifies them, all as ruled by a magic hand. The god of electronic noise, what’s the animal to bring as sacrifice? To wave away Egotrip’s efforts by labelling them as simple would be wrong. Even the aforementioned “minimalist” is a broad description, but still fitting because of the restriction to two maximum three layers of sound. At times there is even only one. Going that way he moves from genre to genre, even scratching on hiphop here or avantgarde electronic there. (That’ll make him easy prey for the purists. Fuck the purists.) Do I have to mention that this should be listened to loud, as loud as possible without hurting anyone? It seems to me as if failure is as important to Egotrip as success. After all, the definition lies all with the people involved and if Egotrip manages to declare that what he is looking for is failure – the breaking of soundwaves, instant interference or overdrive, involuntary noises overtaking the whole loop – then success is not what he is looking for.

10/2004 from EGOTRIP EGO = ego – 1 LP, Interstellar Records

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